Parse is a service provider that has offered backend tools to mobile app developers who needed help storing data online and pushing information through the web, such as user login information and notifications. Now it's moving on. In a blog post, Parse declared a need to move resources elsewhere and its plan to wind down the service by January 28th, 2017.

Facebook bought Parse in 2013, a company that was two-years-old at the time. The social network paid $85 million, and now it has apparently decided to use its investment in other ways.

To make the transition easier for current users, Parse is releasing a database migration tool that can move data to any MongoDB database. The Parse API will continue to run while data migrates, preventing downtime. Parse is also releasing the open source Parse server. This will enable users to run the Parse API on their own Node.js server.

The open source nature of these tools will allow users to continue operating things similarly to how they do now, but with Parse actively developing the codebase, a new solution may eventually be needed down the line. Whether you decide to transition now or later, you have a year to make up your mind.