Yahoo, whatever you think of the site, remains one of the largest sources of news and communication in the world. Today the company has announced updates to its homepage alongside its Android and iOS apps that further bring these two aspects together.

Now when you're browsing Yahoo, you will see the comments appear directly inline. When you click an article, you already expect to see other people's opinions listed underneath. Going forward, you will also see them appear underneath stories on the homepage in a carousel that you can swipe through. This is the case on mobile and in a browser.

Screenshot_20160128-112258 Screenshot_20160128-112306

Yahoo is introducing the ability to follow stories that interest you, so that you receive automatic updates. Notifications will appear on your device once additional information is available. This was a feature I found compelling in Circa, an innovative news app that wasn't able to become sustainable.


Yahoo details these changes and the tweaks you can expect on the web. Hit up the source link for a closer look.