T-Mobile has been busy defending Binge On since it launched, but it's still aggressively expanding the service. T-Mobile subscribers on qualifying plans can now get unlimited streaming data from more providers (over 40 now), and managing Binge On is now possible with dialer shortcodes. The carrier is also taking this opportunity to tell us again how much more video people are watching with Binge On.

Starting today, Binge On includes Amazon Video, Fox News, Univision Now, and WWE. That means unlimited streaming video from all those sources, provided you have Binge On enabled. Do you have it enabled? You can find out using your dialer. Just key in #BNG# (#264#) and hit send to check your Binge On setting. You can also turn it off (#BOF#) or on (#BON#) from the dialer. These codes have been active for a week or two, but they're just now being publicized.

T-Mobile says that customers are streaming twice as much video on average since Binge On was launched. Of course, we now know that all video streams are throttled under Binge On, but only the supported ones are free. T-Mobile also claims that an unnamed non-supported service is seeing people watch 33% more video because it uses less bandwidth. This seems odd to me; more information would be nice, Tmo. At any rate, T-Mobile seems pretty committed to Binge On.