What's the next best thing to fighting in a game? Managing the fighting, of course. Some might even say it's better that way as the experience can be deeper and more varied than a button-mashing fighter. Punch Club puts you in the role of a young boxer as you level up, participate in fights, and search for the man who killed your father.

In Punch Club, you get to choose between various skills and fighting styles, but you'll also have to handle the basic stuff like going to work and eating. The storyline has multiple branches, woven throughout the game as well. When it's time for a fight, the choices you've made determine how well your character does.

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The game has a retro style, but you have the choice between really retro and only kind of retro in the settings. This game is, shockingly, not free-to-play. That approach is sure to make management-style games unbearable with endless countdown timers and levels of special currency. Punch Club is $5, but it's all yours when you buy it.

Punch Club - Fighting Tycoon
Punch Club - Fighting Tycoon
Developer: tinyBuild
Price: $4.99