Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Type C will be featured on many, if not all, of the new crop of Android flagship devices. Those are sweet new technologies to look forward to, but most of us will still be using a gadget with QC 2.0 and MicroUSB charging for quite some time. Instead of pining for new tech, you can celebrate the fact that QC 2.0 batteries and chargers are now more affordable than ever thanks to the promise of change on the horizon.

Choetech has a couple of sweet QC 2.0 charging devices available for killer low prices right now. The first item is a feature packed 15,600 mAh battery for just $21.99 after applying a $10 off coupon code Z9646RFC. The battery has QC 2.0 output and input meaning you can charge the battery itself at a much higher speed than a standard power bank.

The Choetech battery also has an Apple Lighting charging port in addition to the MicroUSB one, so if you only have access to an Apple charger you can still juice up your power bank. The cells in the battery are manufactured by Samsung and it sports a 4.7 star rating as well as an 18 month warranty. In other words, it's a solid buy.

Choetech also has a two port 30W car charger on sale for $5.99 after applying coupon code 725N2G9D. One of the ports is QC 2.0, the other is an intelligent port that will charge non QC 2.0 devices at their optimal speed. A MicroUSB cable is included with the charger and it also carries an 18 month warranty and a solid 4.5 star rating.

The codes expire Saturday the 30th, so don't delay if you want to pick one, or both, up.