AliExpress may have a bad rep in some circles for the quality of the products that gets sold on it, but the reality is that it doesn't get enough credit for continuing to slowly improve its service and, most importantly, for not having most of its vendors tied to Paypal. In countries where Paypal isn't available, AliExpress is one of the best, if not the only, ways to buy stuff online.

Although AliExpress' Android developers haven't slacked in the past and the app didn't look dated, it's now getting a refresh with plenty of visual and functional improvements. Instead of the dark grey hue, AliExpress now dons a deep red color akin to its logo throughout the entire interface. The other most notable change is that the homescreen has been split into two panes for discovery and user-customizable product recommendations.


For comparison, here's what the app looked like before the update.

aliexpress-old1 aliexpress-old2 aliexpress-old3

AliExpress is now also more landscape and tablet-friendly and has gained a few interesting features like friend invites, feedback sharing, sale reminders, and more language support. You can read about those in the changelog below.


- New app homepage; discover more deals and product recommendations
- My Invitations; invite friends to download the app and earn coupons together
- Language support in Polish, Dutch, Arabic, and Vietnamese
- Product feedback sharing through social media
- Sale reminders for Featured Brands
- Bug fixes and general improvements

I wish the eBay app looked like this. Or at least that the eBay developers would care enough to implement the option to manage lists and/or collections within the app. Oh well, one can dream. In the meantime, AliExpress is free to download and has had native multiple wishlist management for a while.

Developer: Alibaba Mobile
Price: Free
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