What's playing right now? I don't know. Check IMDb. And while you're there, notice the new look. The Android app now comes off as a piece of software ready for the post-Lollipop era.

We're not talking a change to how the app feels here, as all buttons are more or less where they were. But now the hamburger menu has disconnected from the edge of the screen, as we've come to expect since leaving KitKat behind. The navigation menu slides out over the action bar. Search results are the same, but they look different. Movie pages space the content out differently. Even the font has been affected.

Here are some of the changes side-by-side.

Screenshot_20160127-162323 Screenshot_20160127-162938

Screenshot_20160127-162340 Screenshot_20160127-162947

Screenshot_20160127-162828 Screenshot_20160127-162958

Screenshot_20160127-162420 Screenshot_20160127-163010

Left: Old, Right: New

The update is still rolling out, but you can enjoy that sweet material design now by grabbing the app from APK Mirror.


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File Name: com.imdb.mobile_6.0.8.106080100-106080100_minAPI16(nodpi).apk

Version: (106080100)

MD5: 14b4a42034ff598935c4eaebf9383eca