Free stock trading app Robinhood came to Android phones last year, and now it's coming to your wrist. The latest update to the app adds support for Android Wear. No longer will you need to pick up your phone to track your investments like our caveman ancestors did.

The Robinhood Wear client has a limited feature set, but that's really what you expect for a wearable app. You'll be able to see your portfolio performance, then scroll down to see your entire watchlist. Tapping on a stock will display additional information. The UI also has both day and night modes like the phone client does. All app notifications show up on Wear, but apparently the notifications in the new version of Robinhood have been enhanced to better show market moves and account status.

The new app is live in the Play Store now. It should sync over to your connected Wear device in a few minutes, and you'll be ready to go.