Lyft and Waze are both Android apps focused on getting you from one place to another. The former hooks you up with a driver who drops you off where you need to be. The latter is a navigation app that tells drivers how to get there. Now the two are becoming good friends.

Soon Waze will become the default navigation app for drivers, which Lyft hopes will lead to faster routes. Drivers will see a "Return to Lyft" button inside the Waze app that opens Lyft. This will enable faster switching between the two.

As for riders, Lyft can now update a driver's route in real-time within Waze. This will allow for better Lyft Line matches, where drivers add a passenger while en route to their destination.

Lyft is the first ridesharing company in the US to take advantage of Waze's Transport SDK. The company doesn't provide a timeframe for all of the changes, but you can read more at the source link below.