Are MicroSD cards cheap nowadays or what? I remember buying my first 128MB (that's MEGAbytes) card sometime in 2005 and here we are talking about affordable 128GB cards in 2016! If you're good at math, you'd know that we multiplied the storage by a thousand and something and we're still somewhere in the same price ballpark. Crazy.

This Lexar 128GB is a Class 10 card that can read files at up to 95MB/s and write at up to 20MB/s. It comes with a USB 3.0 reader too so you can transfer your files quickly to a computer. It's using the old packaging though, which apparently makes it ripe for discounts. The same card with the same capacity and the same USB reader costs $69.95 with just a newer carton design, but you can get the old packaging for $43.99 as part of Amazon's Gold Box deal of the day. That's quite cheaper than the $59.99 price we saw it at about a month ago.

The 64GB card is getting a discount too, though it's the newly packaged one that's part of the Gold Box deal. It's down to $24.99, a price that only a few months ago we associated with 32GB cards. It has the same Class 10 rating, data transfer speeds, and USB 3.0 reader.

You only have about 20 hours to grab these deals before they expire, so think fast and act faster. Both are very well rated and ship for free from Amazon (the 64GB card with a Prime membership or on orders above $35).