We usually refer to Spotify as a streaming music provider, but the terminology will have to change this week. According to the Wall Street Journal, Spotify is set to add video content to the Android app in a few days, followed by iOS late next week. This was first announced in May of 2015, but the launch was pushed back as the company tested and gathered feedback.

Spotify's video features won't be a rival to Netflix anytime soon. It's not even really the same approach. Most of what Spotify has been testing is related to short content like clips of TV shows. The service will include content from ESPN, the BBC, Vice, and more. There are a few music-themed original series being produced for Spotify as well. The app will suggest video clips based on the music you listen to in Spotify.

All users will have access to Spotify's video service, even those who don't pay a monthly subscription fee. However, expect to see some ads if that's the case. The streaming video will also be limited to the mobile apps as well, so don't expect to see it in Spotify's web interface.