Before you learned how to read, you had to learn the alphabet. Maybe you had someone teach you on a chalkboard. Maybe you watched Sesame Street animate each letter to life. Metamorphabet is a mobile app that transfers the latter approach onto tablets for today's kids.

With Metamorphabet young learners don't have to settle for seeing a letter, they can reach out and touch it. Spin the P around to see it from different angles. Then watch it turn into a pinwheel. Rotate a C around to see how it differs from a U even when sideways. Then watch the letter become a caterpillar and drive away in a car. Take an L and turn it into lizards running on logs. All 26 letters in the English language make an appearance, and the app's many ways of animating each one into words really gives them character. 


Metamorphabet has already gathered praise from its time on iOS. Now it's time for the children of Android-using parents to benefit from the same experience.

The app isn't free to download, but after the upfront $3.99 payment, you don't have to deal with any in-app purchases. You can let your kid poke, watch, and learn without having to stand over their shoulder.

Developer: Vectorpark
Price: $4.99