HTC is again offering steep discounts in its online store, which make some of its devices reasonably priced. I mean, let's face it, the HTC One M9 is still not a $650 phone, and the A9 is not a $500 phone. Start slicing 20-30% off that, and you're looking good, though. The discounts come in three tiers that correspond to different spending amounts, but you'll have to buy today to get the deal.

The discount tiers are as follows.

  • Save 30% when you spend $650
  • Save 20% when you spend $500
  • Save 15% when you spend $150

It seems plain that HTC has tailored these discounts to match up with some of its devices. For example, the One A9 is $499.99 (counts as $500), so you unlock the 20% off tier. That brings the price down to $400, which I think is much more commensurate with the quality of the phone. The M9 is $649.99, so that one comes down to $454.30. The lowest tier is just for HTC's budget devices and the Nexus 9, although most versions of that are out of stock.

This promotion is US-only and lasts until 11:59PM Pacific today (January 26th). Additionally, HTC only has limited stock, so some of the better deals might sell out at some point. If you're going to take the plunge, might as well do it before it's too late.