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Featured App

Password Locker

This week's roundup is brought to you by Password Locker from HandyApps. Password Locker is a highly secure and efficient place to store your login credentials, credit card or bank account numbers, or anything else that needs to be both secure and easy to access. It includes 256-bit AES encryption, a stealth mode that hides the app icon, cloud syncing, a secure password generator, quick searching through your files, and an optimized tablet UI, among many other features.


Password Locker is your personal Password Manager that stores your sensitive information offline and passwords safe, secure and organized in your smartphone or tablet. Password Locker contains many security and stealth features while including many optional convenient features for it to be the best password manager ever designed specifically for Android. Lock up your data offline in Password Locker with extremely tough and strong 256-bit AES encryption - military level encryption (takes trillions of years to decrypt).

Personal and Private Cloud Sync (optional)
Password Locker does not store any of your private information on any 3rd party server. If you want the convenience of Cloud Sync, you can choose to use your private Dropbox or Google Drive.

No subscription fee required - Support Password Locker once and it’s yours forever, including all upcoming features and updates.

• Stealth Access - Hide app launcher icon
• Hidden from Recent Apps list - Avoid accidentally letting others know you are using Password Locker
• Launch from a Calculator Widget
• Military Grade Encryption - 256-bit AES Encryption to protect your data
• Most popular templates - Web logins, Credit Cards, ID documents and much more.
• Random password generator - Secure password generator to generate strong passwords
• Floating Window - Unique and convenient function for entering information into other apps
• Website Quick Launch and Ready - Store a website address and you can open the address and have your password automatically copied to your clipboard.
• Search - Search to get what you need faster
• Device Sync - Secure syncing between devices using your personal Dropbox or Google Drive
• Import and Export data - Data can be imported from or exported to .CSV files
• Backup & Restore - Backup and restore highly encrypted data that can only be opened using Password Locker with the correct PIN
• Auto lockout - Locks the app in 5 seconds to safeguard your stored information
• Secret Question and Answer - Customizable question and answer for secure Master PIN recovery
• (Optional) Self-destruct of stored data - protect against hackers trying to gain entry even if your phone is lost or stolen.
• Expiry Reminders - Set reminders for Passport and Credit Card expiry dates

PassWallet users: your saved data is fully compatible with this app and can be transferred over.

Password Locker - Password Manager
Password Locker - Password Manager


Mimicker Alarm

Android Police coverage: [Never Too Early For A Smile] Microsoft Garage's Mimicker Alarm Makes A Challenge Of Your Morning Wake-Up Routine

In the never-ending battle to resist the snooze button, Microsoft has a new weapon. This custom alarm clock (which is surprisingly compliant with Material Design) forces you to make faces when you wake up. Well, "faces" might be a little simplistic - it might also ask you to take a picture, get out of bed, or any number of other things. The point is that you have to think and engage before you have a chance to roll over and go back to sleep.


Mimicker Alarm, a Microsoft Garage Project, is a free morning alarm clock app that helps you wake up and stay up by playing a simple game, called a "Mimic". To dismiss your alarm, you must mimic the action given. We might ask you to snap a selfie, speak a phrase, or even get out of bed. The Mimics require you to be alert, smart, and use you and your surroundings so be ready to move.


Mimicker Alarm
Mimicker Alarm
Price: Free


Android Police coverage: Perspective-Correcting Image Editor SKRWT Comes To Android

Mobile cameras have been making amazing advancements, but mobile editing software hasn't been able to keep up. This app expertly adjusts a ton of small parts of a photo to make it ready for prime time, including lens distortion, vignette correction, cropping, and aspect ratio. There's a wide selection of auto-settings for various camera types, and the interface is quite serviceable without giving up access to more technical tools.


SKRWT - the missing link in high-end smartphone photography - is the most powerful keystone- and lens-correction tool out there and has been selected for the App Store's "Best Apps 2014". Discover never-before-seen editing features and enhance your smartphone photography with just a few taps. All hail symmetry.

Developer: mjagielski
Price: $1.49+


Android Police coverage: Wildcard Is A Fast, Curated News Discovery App On Android

Google News is well and good (at least when the local and state tabs aren't filled with 90% sports stories), but for coverage with a bit of a human element, Wildcard offers dedicated curation of major news categories. And it won't pull sources from some copy-and-paste ad farm in Azerbaijan, either. The layout is clean and efficient, and stories are reformatted for comfy reading on small screens.


Wildcard delivers a curated news and entertainment experience unlike anything in the Play Store. It’s the news that matters now, from the sources you trust, broken down into intelligent cards perfectly design for your phone. Wildcard gives you everything you need to Know the Day and carry on. Our editors cut through the noise, surfacing the most interesting and relevant content from across the web into a continually updated feed. We do the hard work so that everything on Wildcard is accessible, full of context, and click bait-free.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Roomi - Roommate & Room Finder

Android Police coverage: Roomi Moves Into The Play Store, Simplifies Roommate Search In Select US Cities

Finding a roommate (or at least a good one) is never easy. Roomi tries to make it a little easier with a Craigslist-style system that looks like it was designed by human beings. You can search the listings (all of which include photos) by interests or needs, and there's a built-in messaging system that precludes any need to play tag with email. Unfortunately the service is limited to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego at the moment - I'm still waiting for that new techie service that has an initial rollout in Akron, Ohio.


Need a roommate? Roomi makes it easy to find and connect with compatible roommates in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego (and more cities coming soon.). Whether you’re renting out an extra room or searching for a place to stay, Roomi is the first mobile app to take the guesswork out of finding the right roommate.

HelloFresh - More Than Food!

Android Police coverage: [App-etizing] HelloFresh Chops Its Way To The Play Store, Spiced With Recipes And Weekly Meal Kits

I'm a man who spells "cooking" as T-A-K-E-O-U-T, but I can appreciate HelloFresh's approach: the service sends you pre-packaged ingredients for simple, healthy meals, then teaches you to cook them with easy recipes. The service has been around for a while - this app is just a way to manage your account and see what's coming up this week. It's a neat idea, and HelloFresh offers both carnivore and vegetarian options, but the meals are relatively expensive at over $10 a plate.


Each week, HelloFresh delivers a box full of delicious recipes and fresh food to your door. Cooking healthy meals has never been so easy. Whether you're a HelloFresh customer, or you're just interested in exploring our recipes and learning tips to cook easy meals with fresh food, download our app for FREE today.

  • Delicious, healthy recipes that you can explore, sort, save to favorites, rank, and share with your friends and family.
  • Cooking tips and tricks, along with step-by-step guides to help you cook your meals.
  • Details about your upcoming delivery as well as a cooking mode control will be available on your built-in timer.
  • Flexible online account where you can easily update your meal selections or subscription settings at any time. An interactive calendar to notify you about possible delivery changes.
  • Order status updates to help you plan ahead, and keep your mind at ease.

HelloFresh - Get Cooking
HelloFresh - Get Cooking
Developer: HelloFresh SE
Price: Free

Goosebumps VR

Android Police coverage: Goosebumps VR App Takes A Scary Drive Through The Play Store Wearing Google Cardboard

The Goosebumps movie (with Jack Black playing a fictionalized version of spooky children's author R.L. Stine) didn't make much of a splash. But if you're nostalgic for some of the old Scholastic stories, or if you'd like to hook your kids on them, this tie-in app will simulate one of the movie's chase scenes. It's best to use with Google Cardboard, but if you don't have one handy a standard 360-degree view is also available.


Use your mobile device to help R.L. Stine escape the Praying Mantis. With both Virtual Reality and 360 Video modes you'll be left screaming with terror as the giant bug chases you through the streets.

1. Download the Free App.
2. Select "360 Video" to experience Goosebumps VR using only your mobile device.
3. Select "Virtual Reality" and place your mobile device into a VR viewer like Merge VR (Mergevr.com) or Google Cardboard to immerse yourself in Stine's car as he ducks and weaves to escape.

Facebook Mentions

Android Police coverage: Facebook Mentions Parades On Android, Strutting Its 87MB Bloatastic iOS Interface

Facebook, you just can't help yourself when it comes to spinning out website features into bloated Android apps, can you? Although this one is only available to "verified" Facebook users (read: celebrities and people who really want to be celebrities), so you probably won't have to deal with it. "Mentions" is a livestreaming and social management app for notable people who aren't your cousin with a new baby, and it looks like it tunneled through from the App Store directly on to Google Play.


Facebook Mentions is currently only available to verified public figures. To gain access to Mentions, visit http://facebook.com/mentions. Mentions is a better way for actors, musicians, journalists and other influencers to stay in touch with their followers and the people and things they care about on Facebook.

• Go Live - Tell your story as it happens with live video.
• Talk with Followers - See what people are saying about you and the topics you’re interested in.
• Stay in the Loop - Get posts from the people you follow and see trending stories in one place.
• Start a Conversation - Share updates, photos, videos and more with your followers, directly from your phone.

Facebook Mentions
Facebook Mentions
Developer: Facebook
Price: Free

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma is a keyboard that focuses on customization. The color can be set by the user or automatically adjusted to Material Design apps, and that's not all. Chrooma's vertical size can be changed, and it supports standard Arabic and Indic character sets, plus emoji (if you really must), with a night mode that reacts automatically to ambient light. Neat.


A lightweight, fast keyboard that adapts itself to the app you are using, giving you a pleasant chromatic feeling.

  • Swipe typing
  • Resizable Keyboard
  • Supports STANDARD (English, Italian, Spanish, etc... ) and INDIC languages (more than 60 languages).
  • Night mode (change automatically color tonality according to the ambient light).
  • Choose between a gradient palette or the flat color
  • A tons of emoji
  • Supports all devices
  • Remove change language button (option).
  • Remove language label on the spacebar(option).
  • Custom color picking for app.


Gigbloc is a streaming radio service that's exclusively focused on local independent artists. It's geographically limited to your local city, allowing users to browse and play back tracks from local acts and access their social info. At the moment it's limited to a handful of major US cities, plus London, Paris, and Toronto, so unfortunately there's a fairly narrow range of potential users who will be allowed in on both the artist and listener side.


Use Gigbloc to listen to full-length songs recorded by undiscovered bands playing in cities across the world. We want to make it easy for you to connect with local artists and venues. Explore, discover and experience up-and-coming artists playing in local venues in your city over the coming week. Our ambition is to transform the way people connect with their city; to improve the accessibility of the local music scene.


Gigbloc | Playable Gig Guide
Gigbloc | Playable Gig Guide
Developer: Gigbloc
Price: Free

Movesum — Steps by Lifesum

Movesum is a step tracker that tries to visualize how much you need to walk to offset what you eat. The interface is pretty spiffy, and it includes pre-set values for drinks and meals that allows you to set dynamic goals for your personal habits. Tracking tools are included, but you'll need Google Fit installed to get it working.


For most of us, the problem is that we need to move more, not faster. Movesum is a brand new step-counting concept that helps you find the motivation to exercise. The beautifully designed app provides you with a simple and effective way to set movement goals, stay committed, and connect your activity with the way you eat. Use the smart notifications to reach your daily goal and build streaks, so that you can become healthier.

Movesum — Steps by Lifesum
Movesum — Steps by Lifesum
Developer: Lifesum
Price: Free+


It's hard to find friends when you're an adult in a new place. This app is specifically designed to help working-age adults (read: beat it, college punks) find new groups based in their interests. It's a bit like Meetup in that regard, but it's reliant on Facebook or Twitter to connect users across interests, so it might not be the most useful thing if you still haven't filled out your profile. It doesn't say so explicitly, but the description makes it sound like the app is pretty focused on men.


Gentlemen, UNITE. Wolfpack is the first app designed with you in mind with the sole focus of finding you new buddies with common interests. If you’ve lost touch with your friends, or you’ve recently moved to a new city and are looking to make new ones, the power of the Pack has got your back. Just one question remains: Are you ready to run with the pack?


Price: Free


This app is supposed to generate music to guide breathing and lower your heart rate, ostensibly to reduce stress. The way it measures your heart rate (just using the camera and LED) is neat, and it includes tracking tools for seeing your progress over days and weeks. How effective it is at long-term health improvement, I wouldn't venture to say.


MusicforMoods is a tool to improve your well-being and Heart Rate Variability. By following the Breathing Guiding Music you can obtain a Heart Rate Variability that is optimal for your system. The app measures your pulse through the camera and shows you how your heart responds.

Developer: BodyScore
Price: $2.49

AppLock -Fingerprint-

This app locks apps. That's pretty obvious, but it's also the first one we've seen that supports authentication via Google's AOSP fingerprint sensor on the Nexus 5X and 6P.


You can lock to choose the app you do not want to seen in others. This app omit the complicated tasks such as pattern or password input on conventional screen lock app and provides a simple and secure authentication method by fingerprint . It will work only on the supported device the Nexus Imprint.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Manufacturer And Tie-In Apps

Wi-Fi Transfer

Android Police coverage: Samsung Brings Wi-Fi Transfer App To The Play Store, An Offline Way To Share Files Between Devices

Funny, a couple of decades ago a wireless network was exciting all on its own, instead of simply a method to get some sweet, sweet internet to whatever gadget you happen to be using at the moment. Samsung is bringing those days back with WiFi Transfer, an app that easily sends or receives files over a Wi-Fi network without an internet connection. Unfortunately it's limited to Samsung devices.


Copying your photos and videos between computers and smartphones is now quick and simple. The Wi-Fi Transfer application allows you to connect your devices directly and transfer your files easily without using cables, the cloud, emails, or wireless networks. You can copy, share, or backup your content anytime.

Wi-Fi Transfer
Wi-Fi Transfer

Digital Life Personal Security

Digital Life Personal security is an odd app, and all the more odd because it comes from AT&T. You can press big, finger-friendly buttons to get police or EMTs, or you can set a timer that will alert someone if you don't check in after a pre-set interval, or you can send canned emergency messages. It's downloadable on most phones (even non-AT&T models), but you'll need to subscribe to the Digital Life service to get any use out of it.


Digital Life Personal Security Is a smartphone application enabling users to engage a monitoring center agent for live personal security assistance; share location information with friends and family; and see other family members (that also have the app) on a map. The Personal Security application will allow the user to:

  • Contact the Digital Life monitoring center for personal security assistance
  • Send messages to frequent contacts
  • Share location information with both the monitoring center and family members
  • Share smartphone camera and microphone with the monitoring center
  • Use a countdown timer that will send an alert when the time expires in uncomfortable situations (going to the car late at night, for example)

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