Samsung's Gear VR headset hasn't become quite as popular as Google's Cardboard system, but not for lack of technical worthiness - Samsung's version is more sturdy and aesthetically appealing than cobbled-together headsets that have become the status quo. But if you have a compatible Samsung phone and some disposable income, it's still a great way to hop on the VR bandwagon. If you're in the market for a new Samsung phone and you live in the US, Best Buy is offering a free Gear VR with the latest flagship Samsung devices today.

The promotional page says that anyone buying or leasing a Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, or Note 5 from the Best Buy website will be given the latest version of the Gear VR for free. Simply add one of the phones to your cart and the headset, normally a hefty $100 separate purchase, will be added with a 100% discount. Apparently all of the carrier, color, and storage options that are available from Best Buy qualify for the freebie. A few AT&T models are currently being sold with a free $100 gift card as well as the headset.

Apparently this deal is only available on the website, though you may be able to order the package with in-store pickup. Outright phone purchases, leases, and installment plans are all accepted. The terms of the promotion say that it expires today, so get an order in quickly if you'd like to take advantage of it.