What would you say if I told you a smartphone Kickstarter is experiencing a delay? Would you be shocked? I bet not. It's really just par for the course. Nextbit has announced that the CDMA version of its Robin smartphone won't ship next month after all. Instead, they're expecting it to be ready in April.

Nextbit announced earlier this month that GSM versions of the phone would start shipping on February 16th. That's not bad for a Kickstarter project. However, Nextbit explains that development of the CDMA variant wasn't started until Kickstarter backers started asking for it. So, they were a little overly optimistic with the launch date.

Development is apparently done, but there's still testing and (probably) carrier certification. This news is stuck in a post about Nextbit being fully staffed now, which is odd. A delay really should have been its own post to make sure backers got the news.