Let's start this off by taking inventory. How many USB Type C cables do you have? By now you may have stocked up on plenty of C-to-A cords. You may own a C-to-C cable or two. Some of you Nexus 6P and MacBook Air owning types may be so future forward that you're ready to switch entirely to the latter type.

Thing is, you have a house full of old cell phone chargers lying around that work with traditional USB cables (unless you snagged our last deal). On Amazon you can get one that works with USB Type C and comes with a cable for $25.99.

Before you go place an order, know this—you can bring the price down to $22.99 with the coupon code ZLD42GJ8. Yup, that's three bucks, which amounts to a little over ten percent off.


This product comes from SONEic, and it's one Googler Benson Leung has recommended numerous times (search the comments) as a solid product that won't damage your devices. We haven't used these products ourselves, but we trust his judgment.