I don't need to give you much background for this one. The Nexus 5 has been around since the fall of 2013. Folks who bought this device early have experienced KitKat, Lollipop, and now Marshmallow. This is the end of the line in terms of over-the-air updates, but with such solid internals, those who install a custom ROM will likely get quite a few more major Android releases out of this one.

Anyone looking for a cheap phone, a replacement Nexus 5, or simply something to tinker around with might be interested in checking out Daily Steals. The site is selling refurbished Nexus 5 units for $159.99. These models have 32GB of storage and are going for $20 less than they were a few weeks ago. You have a choice of black or white.

Note, this isn't Amazon or NewEgg. Daily Steals may not be as quick to send out your order, and customer service could be more of a coin toss. But if you want free shipping, that's here. And the price is right. The deal ends in two days.