The Nexus 5X has come down in price a fair amount since it was released just a few months ago. The 16GB started at $379, but has since dropped to a regular price of $349. You can pick one up even cheaper today on eBay for $312 with free shipping.

This is the same Nexus 5X you can get from the Google Store right now, just a bit cheaper. This is almost as cheap as the $299 Black Friday deal. You've got your choice of white or black (the blue is out of stock), but it's 16GB only. Remember, no microSD card slot in this phone. It's unlocked and works on any carrier with the appropriate bands.

There's a limited quantity available and free US shipping is included. The seller will ship to a lot of international destinations, but be prepared to pay. Considering the high price of the 5X in the rest of the world, you might still come out ahead.