Time to dust off your old phones. That Droid 4 in the back of your drawer, that Droid Bionic in the shoe box in your garage, and those RAZR and Droid RAZR that you can't even remember hiding or throwing away, they've all gotten a fresh breath of air. If you own of these you've probably scoured XDA's forums for months and found several custom ROMs based on Marshmallow for them, but if you prefer the CyanogenMod flavor in your ROMs then today is the day you can start flashing it.

But that's not all. Other devices are getting their first CyanogenMod 13 nightlies with Android 6.0 as well. These are the Wileyfox Swift and Storm. I kept reading that as Wile E. Fox, but apparently that company has nothing to do with everyone's favorite animated coyote. It's a British OEM that's making Cyanogen OS devices. And now you can get CyanogenMod on them instead of Cyanogen OS.

Here are the links to the CyanogenMod pages of all devices:

This being a nightly, it's likely to be unstable so proceed at your own risk especially if the device you're flashing is still your daily driver. And don't forget the GApps zip package to get your Google on.