Link Bubble is the Facebook Chat Heads of browsers, a way to open links and save them for later without having to hop around between apps. Over the summer, developer Chris Lacy sold the app off. Under new management, the app became available for free within a month.

New features and fixes have made their way to the app in the months since, but now we see another sizable shift for the app. The owner has open sourced Link Bubble. You can take a look at the underlying code over on GitHub.

On the site, you can see over 2,000 commits made from five contributors over the course of Link Bubble's existence. Those of you with an interest in improving the software may be able to add your name to the list after becoming familiar with what's there. Though that depends on whether the maintainers are interested in the help.

The GitHub page tells us who purchased Link Bubble from Chris Lacy. Brave Software is the app's new owner, a company with roots in the open source community. Its CEO is Brendan Eich, a man who co-founded Mozilla. Sergey Zhukovsky is the team's Android senior software engineer.

Link Bubble's source code appears on Brave's website under "Brave for Android." This suggests that a name change may be in the works.


The app was not found in the store. :-(