Not too long ago, we were impressed if a GPS application successfully got us from point A to point B without leading us off a bridge or taking us a dozen miles away from a more direct route. But then some apps started to nail it. Google Maps was good enough to sell Android phones on its own. Alternatives like HERE maps have proved themselves as competent.

Now navigation companies continue to differentiate themselves by highlighting information the competition misses. What might drivers want to see on their trip, and how can we show them this information better than anyone else? The newest update to the beta app for Android is HERE's latest answer to this question.

The first step is making nearby attractions easier to see. In the current stable build, pulling up nearby options requires tapping on the search bar. In the beta, this information resides in a button that floats at the bottom of the screen.  Here it's more likely to attract your attention, and from there, we get to step two.

HERE is starting to integrate third-party content. The first partner is Get Your Guide, a tour guide company. Together, the two provide information that may be of interest as you're exploring a city for the first time. HERE will show you attractions on a map along with an estimate of how long it would take to get there.

HERE hopes to work with more partners going forward. To try out the features for yourself, you first have to sign up.