Readers who follow our deal alerts already know that we have a thing for iOrange-E's braided USB Type C cables. We've highlighted them a few times now and have pointed out how Googler Benson Leung says they won't inadvertently damage your USB Type C devices. Thing is, we've only shared USB C to A cables in the past, as in cords with USB Type C on one end and a regular-sized, fat USB plug on the other.

This time iOrange-E is offering a discount on a USB Type C to C cable. The 6ft cord usually costs $14.99, but with the coupon code IOSQL6KB, you can take $4 off the price.

Type C-to-C is good if you're trying to connect a new Nexus phone with a Chromebook Pixel or MacBook Air. They're bound to be more useful as older USB ports are gradually retired.

As for those C-to-A cables, some are back at a lower price. You can get 1ft for $6.99 (code: MPOZFH4Z), 3.3ft for $7.99 (X2FA67L2), 6ft for $8.99 (DC5KNAHA), or 10ft for $8.99 (4N782S69). Most are available in some shade of gray, silver, or gold, but the exact selection varies with length.