The Nexus Player isn't the best set top box around, but it gets the job done. Thing is, the device isn't easy to find anymore. Whether you're searching the ASUS website, the Google Store, Amazon, or Walmart, you will turn up empty. This has been the case for a while now.

But today Best Buy has the Nexus Player showing up as in stock, and you can place an order for one online. Not only that, we're seeing the discounted price of $49.99. This isn't a fluke either. Best Buy is advertising the product as part of today's deal of the day.


The Nexus Player is a small little puck that only needs power, a TV with an HDMI port, and an Internet connection. The experience is mostly okay, though when I got mine a couple months back, I was still hit by the YouTube bug where the video that plays doesn't match the clip highlighted on the homescreen. Fortunately the experience I find inside of apps has been more reliable. Hopefully your experience will be too.