The Nexus 5X and 6P are both pretty good smartphones. But they're not without flaws - and this weekend, we'd like to talk about what issues have troubled your new Nexuses now that you've had a couple of months (well, some of you) with your devices.

I just recently acquired a Nexus 6P, and I've barely had time to use it with a number of phone reviews on my calendar. But the few days I did use it as my daily driver, I was generally quite satisified. But that's really no time at all, and as we've heard in dozens of emails from you, our readers, both of these devices do have issues, and we'd love to know which ones are the most widespread, serious, or just plain weird. We'd also like to hear from those of you who have no real complaints at all because it's good to get a sense of perspective on just how many people consider something an "issue."

I've tried to cover as wide a variety of major features and general areas as I can in the poll options. That said, I've doubtless left out at least a handful of more specific areas that none of these options cover particularly well, so if that's the case, select "other" and head down to the comments to explain just why your issue didn't fit in one of the given categories (i.e., explain what the problem is).

My guess is we'll see lag and slowness as the major complaint, as it's easily the problem we've been most emailed about in regard to both the 5X and 6P to date. But it's the issues we haven't heard about, the ones that are more insidious or lurking, that could prove most interesting to discuss. So let's get voting (and discussing)!

Generally speaking, what kinds of problems / complaints are you having about your Nexus 5X or 6P?

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