Regular followers of HTC's customer relations will recognize Mo Versi, the company's vice president of product management. He often gives out helpful information on his personal Twitter account, explaining when notable updates are coming for HTC phones and even giving support answers one at a time to his followers. He's considered, in the somewhat insular circles of Android-focused tech blogging, a good dude. And yesterday he gave out some good news: the HTC One M9 Marshmallow update is scheduled to hit a handful of Canadian carriers on Monday.

Yes, Canada really does have a telecommunications company that's named like one of the lamer members of the Decepticons.

As usual with large device updates, expect the over-the-air file for Android 6.0 to go out in stages - while some customers will get their update on Monday, most will have to wait at least a day or two for HTC's servers to distribute it to all devices. (Check your friendly neighborhood device owner's forum if you'd like to manually flash the file.)

Versi's responses to Twitter followers indicate that the same update should be coming to AT&T sometime in the next few weeks, and One M8 owners on Sprint and T-Mobile should expect their updates later this month. If you're wondering when your specific model or carrier variant will be updated... ask Mo. He'll probably tell you. He's nice like that.