Google has been running some Android Pay promos lately, a stark contrast to the Google Wallet days when Google pretended mobile payments didn't exist. Last month there was the Best Buy gift card deal, and now you can get some freebies simply by using your phone to pay 10 times between now and the end of February. There are some caveats, of course.

The Tap 10 promo is only open to those who have seen the offer appear in the Android Pay app. Several AP staffers have seen it, but not all of us (reason unclear). What's more, the gift for completing 10 mobile payments in the allotted time varies. Some people are seeing an offer of three free songs in the Play Store, which seems like a lame prize. Others are being offered a free Chromecast if they complete 10 taps. The Chromecast deal also includes some free songs.

This is a US-only promo, and it runs through February 29th, 2016. You also need to have a compatible card in Android Pay, which is still tricky. Also be aware you can't just make 10 small purchases in a row to unlock the gift. All your transactions have to be at least five minutes apart.