Stop me if you've heard this one before, Google+ on the web now lets you pin posts to the top of your profile page. Okay, maybe you have. See, when Google recently redesigned the web interface for its version of addition (still available as a preview, not an official launch), the company left off some previous functionality. These days it's working on bringing some of those things back.

Other changes you may find when browsing Google+ in your browser is the ability to easily move any of your posts into a Collection. Don't know what a Collection is? Google is all about those these days. The same could be said for Communities, which are now easier to invite people to join.

Google is pushing out tweaks to a number of its online services. We've already covered a few changes to Drive and Inbox by Gmail, so give those a look while you're already signed in.

What's New:

  • 37 bug fixes
  • Pin posts on your Profile
  • Easily move any of your posts into a Collection
  • Simpler invite to Community feature