You might have seen some banter about a way to bypass factory reset protection (FRP) on Nexus devices recently—just like LG and Samsung. It's true that there was a way to get around factory reset protection from the setup wizard, but not anymore. Despite what a certain video seems to claim, Google actually patched FRP in the January security update.

There's a video below of someone showing the process you have to go through to disable FRP on a Nexus device. It's not the type of thing you're likely to stumble upon, but after jumping through a few system dialogs and apps, you're able to reach the settings and manually reset the phone. Factory reset protection is supposed to prevent anyone other than you from logging into your device after it is reset, but this process used to get you around that.

You might notice that the device in this video is running the December patch. That's because the FRP attack doesn't work in the new build. According to Google's security bulletin, CVE-2015-6643 was patched by retaining factory reset protection if a reset is done from the setup wizard.

So why was the video only published yesterday? Presumably because Google disclosed the bug after it was fixed. The video makes it sound like this is still an issue on Nexus devices, but it's not. Keep those devices up to date, folks.