There's a solid chance that if you're using Google Drive or Inbox by Gmail on your phone, you probably use the desktop versions too. Google has recently rolled out some improvements to both.

On Google Drive, you can now drag and drop files from search results into folders.

When you're previewing content, an icon has appeared in the toolbar that lets you add the file to any of your folders.

Other changes include the addition of a "Move" icon for files that are in Drive. Those that aren't present an "Add to My Drive" button instead.

On the Inbox by Gmail side of things, Google has added a recent attachments panel that pops up when you go to add a photo or attach a file.

Since these are all web-based changes, there's no APK to download. I mean, you could download an APK to your desktop, but it wouldn't do anything. Go ahead, download any one you want.