In the spirit of Amazon's Free App Of The Day promotion, Packt Publishing has been unleashing a free eBook from its massive library of content each day for the last month. There have been a couple of notable development books in the lineup including the Android NDK Game Development Cookbook and Android Database Programming. Today brings another nice surprise with Android Application Programming With OpenCV by Joseph Howse.

If you've never heard of OpenCV, it's a popular open source "computer vision" library designed for efficient, real-time processing. This is a great platform for live object tracking, photo capture, image manipulation, and more.

Head over to the Packt website and sign in to claim the book for yourself. Once claimed, books will remain in your library indefinitely. Remember to keep coming back each day (at least through February 1st) as Packt continues to set free another book every 24 hours. Also be on the look out for other great deals on books and video content that suit your projects.