With LogMeIn having recently bought Lastpass, more than a few people are looking for a replacement. Dashlane is another password manager to consider, and today the company is rolling out version 4.0. The big focus with this release is a design that's consistent across platforms. Whether you sign in from Android, iOS, PC, or Mac, you should encounter a similar user experience.

The synchronized look includes animations, menus with enhanced sorting options, and improved search capabilities.

Dashlane 4 reaches out to more people by supporting five new languages: German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. These join the two previous options of English and French.

Existing users may appreciate fixes for fingerprint activation, which secures your password with a press of your finger. New folk can try it out by downloading the app below.

What's New:

  • Beautiful design is now consistent on PC, Mac and iOS, too.
  • We speak 5 new languages! That's Dashlane in the mother tongue of over 1 billion people.
  • Fixes for fingerprint activation: choose between PIN and fingerprint lock in your app settings.
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Dashlane Password Manager
Dashlane Password Manager
Developer: Dashlane
Price: Free+

Press Release

Dashlane Announces Dashlane 4

Most Powerful and Reliable Password and Identity Management Solution Launches in Five New Languages

NEW YORK Jan. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Dashlane, the world's leading password manager, today unveils Dashlane 4; a completely redesigned password and identity management solution simplified for a more intuitive user experience on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Additionally, DashIQ, the company's proprietary semantic analysis engine, further enhances Dashlane 4's performance with translated and localized native language functionality in five new languages – ensuring a more accurate experience than any other product in the industry. Dashlane just surpassed the 4 million-user mark and is now used in over 200 countries.

Dashlane 4 transforms the already highly acclaimed app into one that provides users with the most elegant user experience in any password manager. The redesign combines an unrivaled new aesthetic with a user experience that functions seamlessly, and consistently, across devices and browsers. This simplified UX means that Dashlane is more intuitive than ever.

"Dashlane 4 is a significant step forward for our company in creating the world's best password, checkouts, and digital identity management solution. Our product received numerous awards in 2015 ranging from Google's Best Android Apps to Kiplinger's Best Identity Theft Prevention Tools. Dashlane 4 takes our award-winning product to new heights," said Emmanuel Schalit, CEO of Dashlane. "No matter what platform a Dashlane user logs into, they will have a simple, consistent, and secure user experience. This combination is unique and is driven by our mission to help users seamlessly manage their identity everywhere."

Going Global

With users in more than 200 countries around the world, Dashlane announces the ability to use fully native versions of Dashlane in five new languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and Japanese. The addition of these languages means Dashlane is available in the native language of nearly 1.3 billion people for identity management as well as transaction and checkout completion. The DashIQ technology gives users localized native language functionality for passwords, personal information, and checkouts, all formatted and optimized for each user's country for the new languages. Users can now operate the Dashlane desktop and mobile apps, as well as its browser extensions, on any website or app in those languages.

Enhanced and Optimized for Convenience

The power of Dashlane 4 comes from the unmatched attention to detail in the user experience. From signing in, to adding a new credit card, Dashlane has completely redesigned every screen and service in its app to make it the most elegant and reliable password manager on the market. Dashlane also continues to lead the industry in security, requiring the strongest master password on the market, keeping consumers hack-proof everywhere.

Among the redesign highlights:

  • Menu Upgrades – New list/grid views, sorting options, improved button and header labeling mean it's easier than ever to manage personal information and data within Dashlane. No matter where you use Dashlane your credential display, as well as the ability to add, find, and edit your data will remain the same.
  • Enhanced Search – Dashlane added new 'Quick Actions' from the in-app search field that enables users to more easily find data within Dashlane. No more clicking and scrolling; users can just execute a search to get what they need.
  • Password Changer – Dashlane added support for 300 additional websites to its industry-leading automatic Password Changer to bring the total number of compatible sites to over 500. Click HERE to learn more about Password Changer.
  • More Checkout Options – Over 250 new international banks, credit cards, and financial institutions are now available with Dashlane Checkouts.
  • Easy Onboarding – When a new user signs up for Dashlane they will have an even smoother time getting started as new and improved account creation walkthrough screens will guide them through the process. Additionally, Dashlane has added 'Hot Spots' throughout the app that guide new users through critical functionalities, such as Passwords, Secure Notes, and Security Dashboard.
  • Secure Sharing and Emergency Contacts – Dashlane pioneered the concept of emergency password access on its desktop app in 2014, and continues to lead the market by providing password sharing and emergency contact setting on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.