HelloFresh is the kind of service that I would use in a heartbeat if I lived in the US or any of its other supported countries. I like fresh food, I love cooking, and I prefer variety and change to repetitiveness. However, I have little time to research new recipes, plan meals, and go to the store to buy every single ingredient needed to make everything. Plus, it's sometimes hard to find esoteric ingredients and even if I do, I'd only use them once or twice for very specific recipes. That'd be a waste.

HelloFresh aims to simplify that entire process by choosing some recipes for you, letting you pick the ones you like in the classic or vegetarian plan, finding and packing a week's worth of all the fresh ingredients needed, and delivering them to you. All you have to do then is unpack a meal and cook it following the easy 5-6 steps provided. I think the idea is awesome and all of you US, Australia, and European folks are lucky because you get to try it on Android now.

The app works for both meal box subscribers and free users. You can browse the recipes, sort and rank them, save and share the ones you like, check the steps and tips, and even use a built-in timer to cook along. If you're a HelloFresh subscriber, you'll be able to see your upcoming delivery, pick your meals, change your plan, check possible delivery changes and order status.

The app is now available for free on Android and seems accessible worldwide so you can see the recipes even if you don't live in a supported country and can't benefit from the service. Sharpen your knives and grab all the bytes from the widget below.

HelloFresh - Get Cooking
HelloFresh - Get Cooking
Developer: HelloFresh SE
Price: Free