I've been struggling to find something that can replace Circa on my phone ever since that app shut down last year. It's not quite the same thing, but I think Wildcard might scratch the right itch. It's an app that relies on human editors to find the right stories and present you the best sources the get a quick overview of events.

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Stores in Wildcard are (big surprise) shown as a series of cards. The main interface has the big stories at the top, then other recent stories are below that. Each one has a number in the corner to tell you how many cards are inside, each of which is a different source. When exploring a story, you'll get news from sites, as well as Tweets. The larger stories also have summary snippets, a bit like Circa used to do. Wildcard allows you to log into Twitter on your device to get additional content from your own stream, but it seems to be mostly driven by editorial decisions.

When you view an individual story in the app, you can choose to load it in "card" view. That's basically a stripped down reading UI that loads faster and uses less bandwidth. Anything you like can be saved to your card list or shared via the Android sharing menu. Wildcard is free, and it seems like a cool approach to news.

The app was not found in the store. :-(