Google Drive keeps getting small incremental improvements on the Web and on mobile platforms to enhance the experience for anyone who uses it regularly or semi-regularly to create, edit, and share files. The team has just announced two such small changes that, for now, are coming to Google Drive on the Web.

First, search is getting easier and cross app. Whether you're in Docs, Sheets, or Slides, typing a new search term will not only look for a document of the corresponding type, but across all of your Drive. This will make the experience more consistent if you're editing a couple of related documents and presentations for example and don't what to manually hop over from Docs to Slides to work on the file.

Second, organizing files will be more intuitive now. When you select a shared file that's not already saved to your Drive, you'll see an icon to quickly add it. And when selecting files that are in your Drive, the icon will switch to let you move them to another folder and reorganize them. That works both in the Drive file list and while previewing files.


Save shared files to your Google Drive


Easily move and reorganize your files across Drive

Both of these changes are coming to Google Drive users in the next couple of weeks and will gradually roll out to everyone. The Android app already has icons to save and move files, but there's no cross app search yet and Google's announcement doesn't say if that'll make it to the mobile version.