The LG G4 is still a fine device, even though the G5 is expected to be unveiled in the not too distant future. The price of this device is getting pretty compelling, and the sale going on at B&H Photo right now makes it hard to pass up. You can grab an unlocked LG G4 for a mere $349.95, which is $100 less than B&H usually sells it for. You'll have to move quickly, though.

This is the US991 variant of the G4, so it's a US Cellular phone. However, it's unlocked and has a good number of cellular bands. You'll get 3G no problem on AT&T, but T-Mobile subscribers will only have HSPA+ support in areas that have been re-farmed with 1900MHz. This phone has plenty of LTE bands—2, 4, 5, 12, 13, 17, and 25. That covers all the main LTE bands for T-Mobile and AT&T. It has Sprint's CDMA bands too, but Sprint is weird about unlocked phones, so no promise there.

This deal is only valid for the next 5-ish hours (at the time of posting). It's gone at midnight Eastern time. The G4 comes with the black leather back, but you can swap that out with another style if you want. You get free shipping too.

The sale is over - the G4 now rings up for $449.95.