There are many over-the-air updates out there, but right now, there's only one type that Android lovers are looking for, and that's Marshmallow. If I don't get to walk away with my device running Android 6.0, then I basically just sat around watching an animated arrow for no reason.

US Cellular customers who own an LG G4, you're in for an OTA update, and its one of the good ones. The firmware upgrade currently going out to devices bumps them up to Android 6.0.

After downloading the goods, you will have better battery life thanks to Doze, Now on Tap, better battery life, redesigned permissions, and better battery life. Did I mention better battery life? Unless LG funked things up, Android Marshmallow should give your device better battery life. Also your battery should last longer.

The update will leave your phone running software version US99120b. When you see that on your About Phone screen, you know you're up to date.