When you take that metaphorical first step onto your Android homescreen, the Google search bar is the first thing you see. It floats atop the screen like a banner, saying to the world: "Google made this, also tap on me because I do stuff."

As it turns out, Google is experimenting with making the search bar do more such stuff. In addition to search results, some users are seeing extra options in the dropdown that appears when they perform a search.

Joining suggestions we see Recent Searches, What's Hot, and Nearby. Recent Searches is pretty straightforward. What's Hot gives you a look at what's popular. The last one pulls up options we see in Google Maps, such as Restaurants, Gas Stations, ATMs, and Coffee.

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These changes reduce how often you have to open a dedicated app. These options haven't appeared for everyone yet, so no matter how eager you may be to try things out, you have to wait until Google is ready.