Dedicated cheapskates have probably built up quite a music collection on Google Play without spending a cent. The latest album to get the free treatment is the Greatest Hits compilation from psychedelic rock icon Janis Joplin, with a couple of songs from her associated band Big Brother and the Holding Company thrown in. The freebie album is available to US customers - as usual, your mileage may vary elsewhere.

Joplin became a sensation during the boom in experimental rock in the 1960s, and remained a pivotal musical figure after her untimely death in 1970 at age 27. Along with Big Brother and the Holding Company, the self-titled album and Cheap Thrills remain essential listening for fans and students of classic American rock music. The "Greatest Hits" compilation on Google Play Music isn't a new collection, as is often the case with these giveaways. Instead it's the 1973 Greatest Hits album that has become something of a staple, plus two tracks that were added to the 1999 re-issue. Track number 5, Me and Bobby McGee, is Joplin's undisputed smash hit.

As with all of the free albums on Google Play Music, adding it to your library won't cost you a penny while the promotion is active (though you will get an email receipt). Once you've added it, it's available for streaming or download in the Play Music app, even after it goes back to paid status.