Any USB Type C cable will fit into a compatible port, but that doesn't mean they're made equal. Googler Benson Leung (and here you thought the headline was talking about Robert Bunsen) has held companies to task, writing extensive reviews that reveal which cables are legit and which are liable to damage your Type C devices. The iOrange-E cables are in the legit column.

These braided cables are nice, which is why we've highlighted them before. This time they're back at a lower price point thanks to a surge of coupon codes.

On the small end, you can get a 1ft cable for $7.99 if you use the coupon code OZIWJRGS, taking $5 off the regular price. A 6ft cable is available for $8.99 (down from $12.99) with coupon code BUE2SL39. And if you want to charge your device from across the hall, you can snag the 10ft cable for $9.99, nearly half its regular $18.99 price, by entering OYDTW5TH at checkout.

The coupon codes apply to multiple cables, making this a good time to stock up. We know you have a ton of microUSB cables to replace.