Google's cheaper option for this year's Nexus phone is now a little cheaper. Without any special fanfare, the LG Nexus 5X has dropped its price in the Google Store. The 16GB model is now $349 (down from $379) and the 32GB model is now $399 (down from $429). That places both of them more firmly in the mid-range price bracket, which is pretty nice considering the high-end processor and screen, not to mention quick Android updates from Google.

At the moment the price drop seems to be on the Google Store only. There's no mention of a "sale" or any of the usual indications of a limited-time promotion, so it looks like these price drops are permanent, something that's not unprecedented with Nexus models. Google's Nexus account on Google+ confirmed the price drop.

Other retailers which sell the Nexus 5X should drop their prices accordingly over the next week or so. We haven't seen price drops on international versions of the Google Store, and considering currency fluctuations, they may be somewhat inconsistent.

Huawei's more advanced Nexus 6P did not get a corresponding price drop, though you can get a $50 discount on the Huawei Watch if you buy them together.