Sometimes US operators do nice little things to brighten up your day. Sure, they're still making a ton of money out of your contracts or prepaid plans, but they'd still like to keep you as a customer so they have to make improvements and additions to their offers to do so. So is the case with AT&T's latest update to its prepaid GoPhone plans.

Prior to January 8, GoPhone customers had 3 plans to choose from, all with unlimited talk and text in the US and unlimited messaging to Canada and Mexico. The $30 base plan didn't have any included 4G data, but the $45 plan had 1.5GB and the $60 had 4GB (both had a few more perks like unlimited 128kbps data after the allocation is used).

These two plans have been updated to add a little bit more data. $45 now gets you 2GB and $60 gets you 5GB. That's a 33% and 25% increase respectively. Not bad. Customers should be automatically given the new data allocations on their plans, and since GoPhone includes rollover data, they'll be able to use whatever bytes are left in the following month.

But not all is rosy for GoPhone customers, especially if they weren't on the unlimited talk plans. The pay as you go 10c/min talk package is no more, its price has been raised to 25c/min. And it's not clear if customers who were already on the cheaper package will be charged based on the more expensive price or if they'll be able to keep their current one (and for how long).

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