LEGO's relentless acquisition of licenses with which to make building sets is matched in fervor only by its media partner Warner Bros' frenzy to turn them into video games. So it is with Lord of the Rings, which has been a staple of the toys for years, but was made into a full-fledged video game for home and portable consoles in late 2012. As has been done with Star Wars, Batman, and a few other LEGO properties, the portable versions of that game (Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable) have been adapted into a mobile version. You can get it from the Play Store right now.

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The plastic version of Tolkien's epic tale tells the story of all three of the movies (there's no Android LEGO game for The Hobbit trilogy yet, because someone in a dark, lonely office at Warner Bros Interactive knows the meaning of the word "restraint") with levels connected by the familiar overworld map of Middle Earth. Players can roam across the land and enter the iconic locations from the movie to play out kid-friendly approximations of the bigger scenes, interspersed with exploration, McGuffin collecting, and LEGO building segments.

The game includes over 90 playable characters, from the Fellowship mainstays to in-universe bit players like Tom Bombadil and Isildur, some of which include voice lines from the movies. LEGO Lord of the Rings is $5, and like most LEGO games, it has no in-app purchases.