CyanogenMod has been breathing fresh and 'mallow-tasting air into the lungs and ROMs of abandoned devices. The Galaxy S III practically returned from the dead after receiving the kiss of the CM 13 nightly, the Nexus 4 that was left behind by Google strapped on its big boy shoes and sprinted to the new version, and now it's the Nexus 10's turn to receive some chest compressions and get resurrected.

Despite being abandoned by Google in its round of official Marshmallow updates, the Nexus 10 is still a decent tablet that's loved by many of its owners. Spec-wise, it's no Pixel C, but it does have an awesome and big screen that makes it perfect for media consumption. For many Nexus 10 users, there's no reason to buy a new tablet, except for the lack of official updates. Well, unless they get their hands a little dirty and decide to flash a custom ROM. That's where the new CM 13 nightly comes into play. It isn't the first Marshmallow ROM to hit the tablet, but it's the first official CyanogenMod one.

Of course, the caveat is that this is a nightly so it isn't stable yet. And you'll need to flash the Gapps package separately. But at least you'll be taking your tablet where Google wouldn't dare go, and that's surely a good thing if you're adventurous. Grab the 250MB+ file from the CyanogenMod link below and get flashing.