T-Mobile and its outspoken CEO John Legere are taking an uncharacteristically defensive posture after questions arose about how the new Binge On video service throttles data. The fallout from Legere's EFF interaction yesterday is still going on, and it looks like it has cost T-Mobile a Binge On partner. Video commercial streaming service 4stream.tv has notified T-Mobile that it's pulling out of Binge On in protest of Legere's comments about the EFF.


You probably haven't heard of 4stream, but I'd wager that plays at least some small role in why they pulled out (to get attention). Officially, the company's letter to T-Mobile, which was also posted on Twitter, cites John Legere's comments about net neutrality and the EFF as the reason. After giving 24 hours notice, 4stream will disable its traffic shaping rules for Binge On and become just another video stream to T-Mobile.

Even after dropping its Tmo partnership, 4stream is still going to be throttled for Binge On users. That's really the core of the issue people have with Binge On. All video from non-partners is being limited to about 1.5Mbps, so 4stream's video quality might end up even worse following this decision. It's not like Netflix is dropping Binge On or anything, but T-Mobile can't be pleased about losing a partner as it struggles to get a handle on the PR disaster.