Truly one of the most iconic singers of all time, Elvis inspired musicians during his time at the top and his music continues to influence the music industry today. Now you can sing along with him while you take your morning shower, for free! Google is giving away the album Elvis 30 #1 hits.

That's right folks, for just 12 easy payments of absolutely nothing you can have the complete collection of Elvis's #1 hits. So what are you waiting for, you big hunk o' love? This isn't too much for anyone to pay! Don't, I say don't, give me excuses on why you don't want this album.

Surrender to the allure of a great deal and download this music now! Before you know it, you will be baying like a hound dog as you sing along with that big ol' teddy bear some like to call The King. I can't help falling in love with a good deal and this is one of the best deals I've ever seen on Google Play.

Are some of you readers doing time for bad behavior? Well now you can make the jailhouse rock without paying a penny. It's possible that those of you who grew up in the ghetto haven't heard much of Elvis's music before. Well, his sweet tones and crooning voice may just soften your wooden heart and provide the inspiration you need to find the wonder of you.


I guarantee that this album will fill you with burning love. If you don't like it, just click the 'return to sender' button and you can get your money back (which will be nothing since it's free). I know you all have suspicious minds jaded by years of junk-mail and banner ads, but let me assure you that I am no devil in disguise– this deal is legit.

Alright guys, I know you are all saying, "A little less conversation Jeff, and a little more giving us the freaking link." Click the link at the bottom of the page and download your very own copy of Elvis's album now. It's now or never readers.

Man writing this article was really too much of a drain on my creative powers. Seriously, I'm all shook up. In honor of the King I'm going to go buy some good southern food at Chic-Fil-A to help me recharge. I sure do love me tenders.

And one last thing to keep in mind before you write a comment on this article– don't be cruel.