It was a big shocker the other day When Motorola's CEO explained the new direction Lenovo is taking the company. Rather than focus on Motorola, Lenovo wants to push Moto and Vibe as Lenovo's main smartphone brands. This statement missed some of the nuance apparently, so Motorola has a blog post up on the matter. Long story short, the Motorola name isn't going away completely.

Lenovo plans to focus its marketing on Moto and Vibe—this is true. However, the Motorola brand will still be used on packaging and "elsewhere," whatever that means. The blog post also points out that the Motorola "batwing" logo isn't going anywhere. The blog post doesn't explain if the statement given to Cnet that started the whole mess was a misquote by Cnet or a mistake by the CEO. The quote, by the way, was: "We'll slowly phase out Motorola and focus on Moto."

You might not notice a huge difference in the way Motorola phones are marketed, seeing as "Moto" has been the focus ever since the original Moto X was released in 2013. Additionally, Motorola Mobility itself is taking a central role in Lenovo's smartphone business. So, it's maybe not as drastic a change as it first seemed. We'll have to see how this all plays out in the coming year.