As promised, the Moto 360 Sport is live in the US starting today. This fitness-oriented watch is available from Motorola directly, but is also listed by Verizon and Best Buy already. The pricing is $299.99 across the board and there are no customization options a la the regular 2nd gen 360.

The 360 Sport launched in the UK and France on December 18th, so this isn't the first time the device has been available to consumers. It has a lot in common with the regular Android Wear watch, but the design is more rugged with a rubber frame. The display is still a flat tire, but it's got a transflective mode that works well outdoors in bright light. It also has built-in GPS so you can leave your phone at home and still track your workouts.

You have your choice of black, orange, or white versions of the watch. That's all the customization you get, though. You can order today, but the delivery date looks like it'll be around the middle of the month. Best Buy might actually get it to you first with an estimated delivery date early next week.