I like Android. There, I said it. Sometimes I feel so attached that I wish I could use the platform on my laptop as well. I've done most of my blogging for the past few years from a Chromebook, so I'm used to accepting constraints.

The folks at Jide apparently had the same desire, because they managed to adapt much of the software to a traditional desktop interface. The end result was surprisingly well-done. The problem is that the Remix Mini, Jide's desktop PC with a disappointing 1.2GHz Allwinner A53 processor, could not deliver more than a slow and janky experience.


Now Jide has come up with the ideal solution. Later this month the company will offer Remix OS as a download that you can install on a PC of your choice, as long as it has a USB legacy boot option. You will need a USB 3.0 flash drive with at least 8GB of space.

Remix OS is built on the Android-x86 project and will be able to run on Intel-based computers, including some Macs. Like a standard Linux distribution, you will have the option to dual boot with your pre-existing operating system. The download will be available for free once it launches in a matter of weeks.

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  • Derek Lockovich