Yesterday, I was starting work on some sketches for Android TV. When it was time to move into Sketch (my current mockup tool of choice, mostly because of its Zeplin integration), I realized I hadn't really seen any good ready-made sheets, frames, or stickers for Android TV UI. So I decided to just go ahead and build a few screens, and then maybe - if they came out decent - upload them for other designers who might want to do a quick TV mockup or two.

The Sketch file you'll find below has 7 artboards, covering the Android TV home page, a basic leanback UI, a video player, a list, settings, and keyboard/text input. They were drawn based on screenshots grabbed from my ADT-1 and some of Google's own TV apps.


Paired with Google's design guidelines for AndroidTV the frames should make it easy to add color logos imagery and appropriate copy for some pretty compelling first sketches.